Monday, February 18, 2013

Blanket and Pudding

My blanket is done! I just finished the trim around midnight tonight. I know, I should be sleeping but it's just so satisfying to finish something. I have enough yarn left over to make a couple throw pillows in the same pattern, but I haven't decided whether I really want to do that yet. I'm really looking forward to giving the blanket to Finn to test out tomorrow. While I was trying to finish the trim he kept shouting "blanket!" excitedly.

The other awesome thing I did today was make one of my favorite dinners. I did say I was going to include some of my cooking here. The recipe is from one of my favorite cookbooks Down Home Cooking: The New Healthier Way. I borrowed it from the Ithaca library back in the day and liked it so much I got myself a copy. Obviously I can't post the recipe here since I'm sure that's copyright infringement, but I can tease you with pictures.
Chicken Pudding!

Finn's plate.
I know, I know, chicken pudding sounds scary, but it's really quite good. The 'pudding' is a batter-ish mixture that you pour over the fried and boiled chicken before baking. It's just this nice bready stuff with crunchy bits. Yum! It took some convincing to get Tim to try it the first time I made it, but even he came around.

The only criticism I have of the recipe is it calls for you to make a silly amount of gravy. This meal can obviously feed at least four people, but four people don't need a cup of gravy each. That's right, it makes a quart of gravy. Good thing I can think of all kinds of lovely things to do with the extra.

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