Sunday, February 24, 2013

Lace and Number Rods

I haven't done a whole lot of crafty stuff since my last post. I've worked some on Finn's Montessori materials. With the help of my wonderful husband, he's now the proud owner of a set of number rods. I worked some on the bead materials too, but I made a mistake starting the 1000 cube (of course I would mess up the largest one) and now I have to start over. It was a silly mistake. I started in the exact center of the plastic canvas squares I'm using as support when I should have started one square off from dead center. Lesson learned.

Awesome number rods.

I finished the bit of fan edging I was working on. I screwed up one fan pretty badly and on another one the tension is a bit off, but overall I don't think I did too badly considering I'm in the very beginning learning stages.
Little bit of edging practice.

Not perfect, but getting better.

Last night I pinned up and started working on a bookmark. I wanted to work on it more during the day today, but I got distracted. I suppose I can try to find a little time after my shift tonight.
Set up for my bookmark.

Today I'm making 3 loaves of bread (cinnamon raisin, white, and rye) and a half dozen hamburger buns for dinner.

I also did all of my ordering for Back Road Soap Company today. The money going out kinda stung, but I'm really excited about getting back into things. I'm going to be making more liquid soap this year. I did it my first year, really just for my family. I mostly made laundry soap, and this year I'll be making it available in half gallons for my customers first at the consignment shop and, if it does well there, on Etsy as well.

I also picked up more cocoa butter for my bath melts that have been my best seller on Etsy, lip balm tubes, two new lip balm flavors (coffee and banana coconut), and palm oil for this spring's soap making.

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