Monday, July 8, 2013

Honey Strawberry Jam

We did a little strawberry picking in June and I made a batch of honey-sweetened strawberry jam.
The key to the best low/no-sugar jams and jellies.
My wonderful sister gave me Pomona's Universal Pectin last summer. It is one of the coolest products I use when canning. It allows you to make use of any sweetener you'd like or none at all. It's much better than the typical low-sugar pectin because it doesn't have any sweetener in it. Most low-sugar pectin contains dextrose (sugar).

Onion Rye Bread

Well it's officially summer and it definitely feels that way. I've been super busy but managed to take pictures of a couple recent projects.

I think I mentioned I read Wild Fermentation. Anyway, this recipe is from that book. I didn't post the actual recipe since I didn't have my Kindle at hand, but it's just $9 if you have a kindle and $20ish if you want a paperback.
Ground rye and wheat mixture.