Monday, July 8, 2013

Onion Rye Bread

Well it's officially summer and it definitely feels that way. I've been super busy but managed to take pictures of a couple recent projects.

I think I mentioned I read Wild Fermentation. Anyway, this recipe is from that book. I didn't post the actual recipe since I didn't have my Kindle at hand, but it's just $9 if you have a kindle and $20ish if you want a paperback.
Ground rye and wheat mixture.

Add water and let sit overnight.

Onions! (Red ones are from last year's garden.)

Caraway, rye bread doesn't taste right without it.

My sourdough starter, Charlie. Killed by my husband last week (accidentally).

I wish you could have smelled the dough. It was a wonderful slightly alcoholic scent. I didn't get any pictures of the final product unfortunately. This was a no-knead recipe which was very easy to make. The bread turned out a bit like a much much tastier version of the authentic dark German rye bread they sell at Aldi. It was lovely sliced thin and covered with a strong cheese or meat. It was super filling (one slice was more than enough) and very strongly flavored itself.

I can imagine that may people wouldn't like it since we Americans are so used to lightly flavored lightly textured breads and this was just about as far from that as you can get. I imagine I'll make this again at some point, maybe this winter, but it certainly won't be a weekly staple. No way I could get Tim to eat this!

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