Saturday, March 22, 2014

Baby Doll Carrier

I found this awesome project over on Sew Bossi and decided to make one for my little daddy in training.
First I printed out the pattern from the Sew Bossi blog. and cut that out. I found two larger pieces of scrap fabric I had lying around for the carrier. I figured blue and brown were boyish enough for the Finner Bean.
 I didn't bother reading the directions before I started cutting and therefore missed that the seam allowance was not included in the pattern. Whoops. Oh well, worked anyway.

 My scraps were not long enough for the straps. So, I decided to make the straps two-toned.

Here's the carrier body sewn together and turned with openings left to attach the straps.

 Here I have the straps pinned on the bottom so I could try it on Finn.
I didn't bother with the buttons. I may go back and add those later but for the sake of simplicity I left them off for now. Without buttons the carrier is also reversible.

Here's the back view of the carrier. Finn can't put it on himself yet and needed my help putting the baby back quite a few times. At last he seems to be enjoying himself.

Today also seems to be wear your safety goggles around the house day. Kids are something else.

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