Monday, March 10, 2014

Musty washcloths? Problem solved!

If you regularly use washcloths you've probably noticed that even straight from the wash once you get them wet they have a faint (or not so faint) musty odor. I've tried bleaching them, washing them in hot water (in the washing machine), and adding extra washing soda to the laundry to no avail. I read once in a book of old-timey advice that you can avoid this trouble by regularly boiling your rags.

You ever get a really good piece of advice but it takes you forever to actually apply it?

So, I just threw all of my rags (minus the one that was hiding out in the washer) into a big pot, filled it with water and plopped it on the stove.

After a couple minutes I added some baking soda and Borax. Then I brought the whole thing to a boil. The water turned this attractive tan and it was time to rise the rags.

I rinsed the rags in cool water until the water ran clear and hung them on the line to dry. Yay for warmish weather! The rags are now must-free! You can take a rag, wet it and stick your nose right in it without any stink!

I plan on doing this to my stash of washcloths monthly to keep them smelling fresh. This ought to make my husband happy since washcloth funk was driving him crazy.

Next up, a bra-modification that will keep your ladies in line, even when bending and reaching. The crazy things we expect to be able to do while remaining fully clothed. ;)

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