Sunday, May 11, 2014

Finn's Flower Garden

So, um... sorry. I know I haven't been around in a while, and I have a TON of very good excuses, don't we all when we're caught slacking. ;)

The only craft project I've been working on is a gift for one of the few people who I know reads this blog, so no pictures of that. I have been doing a lot of gardening. 'Tis the season! I don't have any pictures of the vegetable garden because frankly it's not that impressive looking yet. I mean, plant seeds and for a while it just looks like dirt. So, I'll get some pictures of the veggies once the garden starts looking more gardeny.

Yesterday we went for a drive to find the new greenhouse that put up signs near my house. Now, I live in the middle of nowhere, so having something nearby is both strange and very very exciting! We found the place, not very large, but I guess they're expanding in July with a much larger greenhouse. Yay! I picked up some hot pepper plants since my seedlings succumbed to repeated and prolonged abuse and kicked the bucket a couple days ago. Whoops. I let Finn pick out some flowers (with no plan for where to put them).

While I was putting some lettuce into the little herb garden near the house I was struck by inspiration and decided to make Finn his own little flower garden to care for.

Watering in his pansies.

So first I decided to put the garden up against the side of the garage. This area is facing vaguely south and gets sun for most of the day. It's also close to the house which will make it easier to care for.
Sod removed.

The window near this area has the initials of my Aunt Debbie. It's pretty neat since I never got to meet her. She died very young, long before I was born.

 Here's a bucket of my wonderful Compost next to the dirt and sod I removed from the area.

I threw down some play sand where the brick border was going after tamping it down with the flat of a hoe.

We just happen to have a pile of old bricks right next to the garage as well. These are from a building that was being torn down in NYC right before my father's family moved to the farm.

I removed the plants and stones from the soil in the barrel and mix some of that back in with the compost. I asked Finn where each flower should go and popped them into place.

Then I told Finn it was time to water his flowers in. He used his new pink elephant watering can that his grandparents got for him and watered in two before losing interest.

All together the project took about half an hour and cost me less than $10. Of course I just happened to have compost, bricks, and play sand lying around. That's probably not the case for most people. I'm sure I'll end up expanding this little garden as he grows and his interest in caring for the plants grows.

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  1. Love how you're involving Finn in gardening projects!!