Saturday, December 20, 2014

Kindle Stand/Case

It's probably too close to Christmas now to think of giving this as a gift, but should you be on the receiving end of a new Kindle or tablet here's a great pattern for making your own case!

I found the link above a while back and made my case. I haven't taken my Kindle out of it since!

I've taken a few pictures of the process, but if you're looking for a tutorial you'll find it here.

Mark and Cut
My father gets boxes of comic books in the mail and the single-layer cardboard they use for shipping is what I used to give structure to my case. I would recommend finding something a bit thicker than a cereal box if possible, or gluing two layers of cereal box together before cutting.
Structural Pieces

Checking that I cut the fabric right.
And here's the finished product. I really love the case. It makes it easy to read while doing something else with my hands like eating breakfast or knitting. It's also not so cumbersome that I feel like taking it out of the case when I'm just reading.

Oh, and the case also helps protect the screen of course. I had my first Kindle's screen crack because my daughter shook my desk and a bottle of nail polish dove off a shelf and hit, corner first on the Kindle screen.

Check out the links above for a very detailed tutorial and examples of other cases made by Chica from Chica and Jo!

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