Thursday, February 14, 2013

Blanket Progress

Exciting news (well, for me anyway) about the blanket I've been working on. I finished the squares!
So many squares!

Starting to sew things together.

I've started sewing the squares together but I didn't get very far tonight. I'd rather work on lace this late at night since I can sew during the day with Finn around. I have the evening off from transcribing tomorrow and I'll be taking a nice hot bubble bath and then making lace!

Also, I got my huge order of beads and such in the mail today. I decided that I'm going to make the Montessori bead materials myself since they're soooooo expensive (as is everything Montessori). I obviously won't be needing them for another three years, but I had the money now and it will take me forever to make everything anyway. 

Along with beads, there were 2 kazoos (Finn is a kazoo master), a xylophone, a huge bag of pompoms that I plan on using for sorting exercises, and big wooden beads for stringing. I'm going to set up Finn's stringing exercise tomorrow. He and I worked on color cards today. He can just about handle 3 colors at once. 

He's also been walking around the house counting to himself. He goes up to 15. I really want to introduce some of the early math materials (pink tower, counting rods) so that he'll have a better idea what all that counting means. 

I'm excited to get started making sandpaper letters too. I decided that they would last longest if I made them on luan (a type of plywood). It's about 1/4 in thick and Tim gets it for free from work. I just need him to cut a sheet down to index card sized chunks for me. He's off Saturday and Sunday. Hopefully I can convince him to do this for me this weekend.

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