Friday, February 1, 2013

Lace Making Kit is Here!

I got my lace making kit from Snow Goose Lace yesterday!! There were two packages at my house when I got back from running errands. Little miss needed her 2 month check-up and little mister got himself a haircut with the help from my wonderful neighbor Debbie who held the baby so Finn could sit on my lap for his haircut. 

The big one is my lace stuff. The little one turned out to be my husband's new headphones, much less exciting.

The bobbins are just beautiful. I love the spangles. The wood is a little soft. The online description didn't say what type of wood it was but I'm betting it's some kind of pine. I'll have to be very gentle with them so they don't get dented or marred, but it's not like bobbins have a rough life anyway. 

I need to sew myself a roll to keep my bobbin pairs in and make myself a little pincushion to attach to the pillow while I work. I know there was a tomato cushion in the kit, but I think a large strawberry shaped one attached to the pillow would be more helpful. I'll post the pattern I come up with for the roll once I get it finished.

The real tragedy is that I haven't been able to try out my wonderful new supplies. I was too busy with making preschool supplies for Finn, getting ready for his birthday (which was today), and I worked last night. Now I'm at my parents' place with Finn and Alice and I couldn't bring the stuff here because my parents have two very playful cats.

I guess I'll get back to my crochet squares.

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